Outlook for Cambodia’s economy remains robust

“Economic developments so far in 2016 have unfolded broadly as expected in Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2016. Exports from the important garment and footwear industry rose by 9.4 per cent in the first half, almost double the pace in the same period of 2015,” says the ADB in an update of its flagship annual economic publication ADO 2016.“While growth in credit to the private sector mod…

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Squeezed out- Bulgaria lavender oil makers fear EU laws

With a global production glut already weighing on prices, Bulgarian distillers now fear new EU regulations will further crimp business. While the European Union has offered to pause the implementation of the bloc’s revised regulations restricting harmful chemical substances, the clock is ticking. 

Nikolay Nenkov, head of Galen-N distillery — one of the biggest in Bulgaria — is worried…

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UK fashion shoppers’ online focus grows – Royal Mail report

And the report also said that the average online British shopper spends £40 each month on clothes while 55% of female shoppers now buy clothes online.The study, part of the bigger Royal Mail Delivery Matters report, shows that the proportion of money being spent online has increased year-on-year, even though shoppers are reining-in their spending generally.

But that consumer caution has …

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StockX strikes back at Nike in NFT lawsuit

StockX in the Manhattan federal court filing called Nike’s lawsuit a “baseless and misleading” attempt to interfere with the popular secondary market for its sneakers. It said it was only using NFTs to authenticate its physical shoes and was not selling them as standalone products.The digital assets called NFTs have recently exploded in popularity, and intellectual-property lawsuits over them…

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Worried post-lockdown consumers too scared to fashion shop, will stay online

A new study this week has veered towards the pessimistic end of the spectrum saying that 72% of consumers won’t be returning to shops as soon as they open next week. OnBuy.com surveyed 1,673 people in England.Of course, it’s perfectly natural to expect some of the extreme caution being seen at present to fade over time. But how long do shoppers currently think it will take before they feel comf…

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What recovery- Clothes retailers cut orders while factories fight to survive

The global apparel industry, reeling from a punishing 2020, is seeing its hopes of recovery punctured by a new wave of COVID-19 lockdowns and patchy national vaccine rollouts. Some major retailers are still nursing last year’s clothes, which would have been sold off in clearance sales in normal times. British chain Primark, for example, told Reuters it was housing around 150 million pounds ($…

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