Kevin Hart Compares His Manhood to a Thumb After "F–king Bad" Injury

12 TV & Film Legends Who Made Kevin Hart LOL

Laughter may well be the best medicine for Kevin Hart at the moment.คำพูดจาก สล็อต888 PG

Days after the comedian challenged former NFL star Stevan Ridley to a 40-yard dash, which resulted in Kevin needing a wheelchair, he explained that he suffered a blow to his pride, as well as his crown jewels.

"It's bad, it's f–king bad," Kevin said in an Instagram video Aug. 24. "My dick look like a f–king thumb. Everything is swollen. Balls got big as hell, balls look like my fist. Can't move my goddamn legs."

While turning the camera to get a glimpse of his wheelchair, the 44-year-old joked, "I'm a mess. I'm a f–king mess, man."

And it appears members of his inner circle aren't letting him live down the failed challenge, either.

"Let me tell you something, I'm getting all types of calls," the Central Intelligence actor said, "I'm getting calls from friends, athletes. Everybody starts all the same, 'Man, what the f–k?' That's what they say. 'What the f–k were you thinking Kev, how you do that? Man, you supposed to be in shape.'"

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Referencing his age, Kevin doubled down, "Bitch, I am in shape. This has nothing to do with being in shape."

As for who is giving him those calls? It appears none other than Dwayne Johnson, who commented on the post, "I said what I said out of love."

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Kevin Hart Compares His Manhood to a Thumb After "F--king Bad" Injury


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In a prior post, Kevin recounted that the race arose when he got into a friendly debate with Stevan, a former running back for the New England Patriots, over who was the fastest. However, Kevin quickly discovered the answer the moment he lined up against the 34-year-old.

"We get out there, we go run the 40-yard dash," Kevin said. "40-yard dash. Guys, I blew all my s–tคำพูดจาก เว็บตรงอันดับ1. Tore my lower abdomen, my abductors. I don't even know what that is, but I tore them. I tore those too. I can't walk. Sit my ass down. This is 44."

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